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My java Applets - Fractals

List of applets
The Mandelbrot SetManipulates everyone's favorite complex fractal. More in the works in that area. Best at higher resolutions. CS142 lab 13(old), Fractals
Julia SetManipulates a fractal related to the Mandelbrot set, as well as the Mandelbrot Set. CS142 lab 13(old), Fractals
Polygon fractalJust a cool way I found to draw polygon-like figures recursively Fractals
Heart fractalRecursive heart-drawing program. Fractals
The most chaotic applet in the worldHow much more chaotic could one get than my "Hello World" applet with the interacting letters and a zoomable mandelbrot set all in one? Animated, Fractals, CS142 lab 13(old)
Complex Fractal GeneratorInspired by the Mandelbrot Set programming assignment in CS 142, but completely gone awry. This is the 'beta' of a project I worked on off and on for probably 6 months. CS142 lab 13(old), Fractals
Moon GeneratorRandomly places craters and maps bump to an otherwise spherical body. Another overhaul on a CS 142 lab. CS142 lab 6, Fractals
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These applets were developed by Matthew Reeder. Please get my permission before using these applets on your own site.
(And trust me, it will be easier if I help you use them :-p)