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Polygon Drawing AppletProbably the first applet I ever wrote. CS142 lab 7
Animated PolygonA beefed up version of the previous. CS142 lab 7, Animated
Animated heartsomething I used as part of a home-made e-card for the most wonderful woman in the world, if you want to use it, you can now send it though my E-card site. Animated, Ecard
Utopian Calculator (age 12)For calculating your most important province stats in the web-based role playing game, Utopia. Unfortunately, it's well out of date. util
The Mandelbrot SetManipulates everyone's favorite complex fractal. More in the works in that area. Best at higher resolutions. CS142 lab 13(old), Fractals
Julia SetManipulates a fractal related to the Mandelbrot set, as well as the Mandelbrot Set. CS142 lab 13(old), Fractals
Polygon fractalJust a cool way I found to draw polygon-like figures recursively Fractals
Heart fractalRecursive heart-drawing program. Fractals
Another Animated HeartFrom another e-card for a very special girl, also available to be sent from my E-card site. Animated, Ecard
pedigree chart drawerThe final exam from my entry-level Computer Science class at BYU. CS142 lab Final
Happy Birthday cardA happy birthday card I made for a good friend, and reused a few times. It's the first of two similar birthday animations I've made that are both available to be sent as E-cards. Animated, Ecard
Binary-Decimal ConverterAn applet I wrote as a favor for a friend util, CS142 lab 5(old)
falling letters appletA customizeable applet that displays any number of messages in bouncing letters. I used it as a goodbye card and to ask a special someone to homecoming one year. Now you can also send it (with whatever message spelled out) at my E-cards site. Animated, Ecard
sumation/product calculatorThe final exam from the entry-level Computer Science class at BYU when I was a TA for the class CS142 lab Final
BreakoutThe classic Atari game Breakout, also known as Arkanoid in some circles, with my own personal touch. The new high scores list is up and functioning. Animated, Games
Hello world appletI know, most "Hello World" programs are really boring and go on the top of the page. This one was actually the final part of my animation tutorial when I gave it. The message can be changed from the HTML parameters, and I decided to take advantage of that and let you send it (if you feel so inclined) as an E-card. Animated, Ecard
TetrisAn applet version of the classic puzzle game. Check out the new high score list! Animated, Games
Interest CalculatorAn interest calculator applet that is used as an example for the entry-level Computer Science class at BYU CS142 lab 10
Bank Account AppletA way overboard version of what should be a somewhat simple programming project for the entry-level programming class at BYU CS142 lab 5/6
Fight Song AppletA way overboard version of what should be an even simpler programming project for the entry-level programming class at BYU CS142 lab 3
Magic Square appletMy attractive version of a programming assignment from the entry-level Computer Science class at BYU. Animated, CS142 lab 8
Shapes appletA glorified animated version of another programming project in the entry-level Computer Science class at BYU. Animated, CS142 lab 9
BYU GPA CalculatorA stylish way of figuring out your GPA according to BYU's system util
The most chaotic applet in the worldHow much more chaotic could one get than my "Hello World" applet with the interacting letters and a zoomable mandelbrot set all in one? Animated, Fractals, CS142 lab 13(old)
Temperature converterAnother applet inspired by and only loosely based on a program for the entry-level programming class at BYU, this one converts Celsius to Fahrenheit and back with a graphical thermometer. CS142 lab 3, Animated, util
CS 142 Grade CalculatorA beefed up version of a programming assignment to calculate the student's grade for the class, with a useless random test score feature. CS142 lab 3, util
Favorite Scripture AppletThe assignment was to geometrically draw the Angel Moroni and add your favorite scripture underneath. So much for geometrically drawing... This would have been way simpler in html :-p CS142 lab 3
New Happy Birthday AppletModified version of the previous Happy Birthday E-card applet with image buffering and more letter action. This one can be sent from my E-cards page. Animated, Ecard
Guessing Game AppletThe 4th lab for the entry level programming class at BYU with a GUI Games, CS142 lab 4
Complex Fractal GeneratorInspired by the Mandelbrot Set programming assignment in CS 142, but completely gone awry. This is the 'beta' of a project I worked on off and on for probably 6 months. CS142 lab 13(old), Fractals
YAAPAYet Another Animated Polygon Applet - my supervisor wanted everyone to do the labs for CS 142, so I did another one of these... CS142 lab 7, Animated
GIAWAGIAWA Is A Weather Applet - I finished this one the same day as the one above due to having found that the settings on this webserver were changed so it could work. It displays the weather for any zip code. Weather and graphics are borrowed from Accuweather. Animated, util
YAMSAYet Another Magic Square Applet - another redo of a CS 142 lab, rendering magic squares much like the Animated Magic Square applet, but this time with a matrix theme. CS142 lab 8, Animated
Toxic Field SweeperA game similar to Minesweeper, with standard beginner, intermediate, and expert sizes. Challenge the high score lists (linked from the applet page)! Animated, Games
KiabaKiaba Is A Breakout Applet - this is my first Yajags-compliant Applet in theory, reworking my old Breakout applet. Animated, Games, YAJAGS
Moon GeneratorRandomly places craters and maps bump to an otherwise spherical body. Another overhaul on a CS 142 lab. CS142 lab 6, Fractals

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These applets were developed by Matthew Reeder. Please get my permission before using these applets on your own site.
(And trust me, it will be easier if I help you use them :-p)