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Complex Fractal Generator

This project has long been in the making, and partially a product of the Mandelbrot Set and Julia set labs. I've also been working on this and decided that I should finally at least put up a version of it even if I end up changing it later. The general structure of the whole thing is how I like it at least. I'm not going to do an exhaustive description of everything right now, but I started writing a tutorial-like documentation of it a couple months ago (this project has been in the works for a long time), and it can be found here. Maybe I'll edit it and finish it some time soon, it might have parts that are outdated, too. Hopefully it will at least help you if you want to learn how to make pretty pictures or understand complex number systems. Alot of research went into this, so I'd like to mention a few of my sources here, just to be fair- first of all, http://www.daa.com.au/~james/fractals/ has some applets that helped me figure out a few of these fractals, and I have a color scheme named "daa" after the site that hosts that page. There was also a page I got alot of information on how complex numbers work, especially with trig functions, but it seems like that page is down now. My complex number library will be open source, I'll put it up when I feel proactive. Enjoy!
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