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Weather Applet

I like to call this applet "GIAWA", which stands for GIAWA Is A Weather Applet. This applet was something I started working on and didn't finish due to restrictions on my webserver. One day I happened to find out (somewhat accidentally) that the restrictions that were preventing me from finishing were no longer in place, so I finished up my project. The name is incidental to the fact that I finished this project the same day as I finished "YAAPA" and I decided I needed to use yet another GNU acronym joke. This applet uses a Perl interface to borrow weather forecasts and graphics courtesy of AccuWeather. Try it with your zip code here.
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These applets were developed by Matthew Reeder. Please get my permission before using these applets on your own site.
(And trust me, it will be easier if I help you use them :-p)
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