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Toxic Field Sweeper

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When I wrote this applet, I quickly decided it was too easy to make a straight minesweeper clone, and that I would have to make the coolest Mine-Sweeper-esque game ever. It's called "Toxic Field Sweeper", and instead of searching for and marking mines, you search for radioactive areas of the field and mark those. I had a little too much fun with the little animated effects, though. When you "mark" radioactive sites, a little guy comes and puts up a sign and places pylons around that square. Randomly as you click around you'll notice little dudes popping out and walking around aimlessly. It's just eye candy, they won't kill you, in fact you'll probably get your fastest times while ignoring them, but they're just fun, in my opinion. The controls are as follows:
Clear a mineleft click
Mark a mineright click
shift click
Clear all unmarked spaces by a numberdouble left click
right and left click at the same time
middle click (if you have a 3-mouse button, this is the fastest)
Start a new game once your game is overclick anywhere except on the LED displays

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