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My simple Tetris game. Here are the basic controls (there have been some recent additions):
move left-left arrow
move left every time it goes down-hold "n"
move right-right arrow
move right every time it goes down-hold "m"
drop faster-down arrow
drop instantly-space bar
rotate left-up arrow or "v"
rotate right-"b"
Check out the new High Scores list and try to beat it!
Also, I changed some of the things about how stuff gets on the screen, so the little floating blocks that occasionally used to be left aren't there anymore, and it may run better in Netscape (haven't tested it, though). Also, it gives you a little bit of leeway time to slide or do last minute things before it goes to the next piece (so be aware). I also added the option (if you use the options window) to have it pause if your mouse cursor moves out of the window.
Report bugs and give suggestions here.
These applets were developed by Matthew Reeder. Please get my permission before using these applets on your own site.
(And trust me, it will be easier if I help you use them :-p)