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GPA Calculator

This little applet can figure out your BYU GPA based on what you plug into it- just put the number of credit hours and the corresponding grade in each text field and hit the calculate GPA button. Not all the fields have to be filled for it to work, no one hopefully has 12 classes in one semester. It's really capable of doing more than 12 classes, it's just set for 12 on this page, I figure no one should ever have more than 12 different classes in one semester, and semester grades are what it was made for really. Of course, the other significance of 12 is that there's 12 possible grades from A to E, so if you wanted to use it to find out your total GPA and just put in the number of credit hours' worth of A's and then A as the grade, the number of total A- credit hours and then A- as the grade, and so on to the bottom, you could do that, too.
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