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This is the first game I ever wrote that was meant to really be a game. It's kind of fun, a few firsts, but alot of the elements in programming it were also present in my animation tutorial. It gets faster as the levels go up, such that anyone can pretty much play on the first level but by around level 6 it really starts getting hard. Move the mouse to move the paddle, and clicking starts a new level, pauses and unpauses. New features include a high score list, finally up and functioning. When you get a high score without cheating, the submit window for the high scores list tells you a cheat code based on how far you got. To use a cheatcode, type it while you play (which is half the challenge, but you could pause it while you type :-p). Another recent fix- you no longer can die after you beat the level if your the ball goes off the screen before the last tile shatters.
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