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Age 12 Utopia Calculator

Welcome to my online utopian calculator! With this tool, you can quickly and easily calculate the basic stats of your utopian province (which is what everyone wants to do, right?).  Feel free to play with it and pass it on to friends!  While this is not an attack calculator, feel free to open it in two windows and put your numbers in one window and someone else's numbers in the other and see how you match up.  Please remember to put at least your title in the "Ruler Name" field, because your honor/monarchy bonuses are determined based on your name.  This is still sort of in it's beta stages, so feel free to email me if you find any bugs or miscalculations and any information that could help me pinpoint the problem.

Feel free to download the source if you feel like it. It's zipped because this wasn't a 1-file process ;-)

Report bugs and give suggestions here.
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(And trust me, it will be easier if I help you use them :-p)
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