Resume for Matthew Reeder

Current Goals and Vision I am a Junior in Computer Science wishing to do an internship relating to my major over the summer. I have experience in various facets of programming and also digital design/logic. My strongest points of research at the moment are programming in Java and C++, data structures, object-oriented programming, web development, relational databases, and simple digital logic. I would also be interested in a temporary web design job, and I have the most experience in html, java, and perl in that area. As more of a hobby, Iíve researched graphics- particularly animation in java and fractal images- and game programming. My goal with this internship is to use the skills I've learned so far and extend myself even further. I also would like to attain a more complete concept of the working environment involved with software development and programming. I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant for the entry-level programming class at Brigham Young University. In the spare time I have while I work, I typically program recreationally in Java, which is the language associated with the class. A sample of the Java programming Iíve done is viewable at my website.
Key InterestsThe things I enjoy most as of now are programming, particularly web development, java programming (applets or otherwise). I also enjoy the concepts of web development for productive interaction with worldwide users, which is a concept Iím currently working on. As such, things like stored databases and queries and scripts and web servers that interface them are among the subjects I would enjoy expanding my knowledge on.
Relevant Skills/Course WorkI am most proficient as a Java programmer, and I am also continuing to use C++ and I've started to learn Perl, primarily for writing CGI scripts. I've covered a modest amount of digital logic/design to the degree of being able to design basic functional circuits and even a simple computer in CAD. I have studied graphics (particularly fractal generating), GUI's, data structures, relational databases, and algorithm analysis.
EducationDegree in progress: BS in Computer Science
Current GPA: 3.14
Date Expected: April 2004
School: Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
Highest Degree Completed: High School Diploma GPA: 3.8
School: Northglenn High School, Northglenn, CO
Emplyment History I've worked in various food/retail type jobs, including McDonalds (1997), Taco Cabana (1997), Morris Center Cafeteria (1997), King Soopers (Kroger-Dillon)(1998), US Postal Service (2000), CompUSA (2000-2001), and Home Depot (2001).
Currently I'm working as a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science Labs for the entry-level programming class at BYU (taught in Java). My primary job is helping the students finish and understand their programming projects and also verify that they are complete and legit when they're due. I also periodically grade their tests, in which they write out a program with paper and pencil with certain specifications. The job is challenging but by far the most enjoyable job I've ever had.
Volunteer WorkIn the two-year gap between my studies at Brigham Young University and the jobs I listed above, I served as a full-time missionary for my church in the Philippines. I couldnít really call it employment, but itís still an unpaid occupation for two years. During that period of time from September 1998 to September 2000, I taught, studied, and did other volunteer work for my church. It was a wonderful experience that taught me a lot and helped me to develop skills in my work ethic and social interaction that I could not have learned so well in any other way. It also taught me to associate with people from different economic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and perhaps most interestingly, people from different lingual backgrounds. Aside from the character I developed on my mission, I came home fluent in Tagalog and conversational in Pangasinan, both languages natively spoken in parts of the Philippine Islands.
Additional Comments- Why you would want to choose me for an intership or jobIn my current job, I consider myself to be an example and leader to others who are also very qualified and talented to be able to achieve the purpose of their work. I am often the one that my co-workers ask when theyíre stumped or can't find or understand someone's problem. I enjoy programming. My favorite part of programming is developing things and making my programs work. I also try to encapsulate key parts of my projects so that adjustments, alterations, and essential logical changes are easy to put into my programs. I also like to just do things that I think would be neat to try and learning how to do it and then how other people have done it.. It's interesting to try things I'm sure can be done but don't have a clue how, because it challenges me to do research and to go on the edge of my understanding and go past it.
Contact Information Name: Matthew Robert Reeder
Available Summer, 2002
Current Address:
717 R Hall
Provo, UT 84604
Phone: (801) 371-3678
Permanent Address:
10380 Irving Ct.
Westminster, CO 80031
Phone (303) 466-1484
Primary email:
Alternate email:
Demographic Information Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
Citizenship: US Citizen
Age: 22
Birth date: 5/12/79
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Engaged, not previously married
Religious affiliation: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Other information is available upon request.
Reference 1:

Russell Fax Rector
Current Address:
709 Wymount Terrace
Provo, UT 84604
Phone: (801) 371-2461
Permanent Address:
8013 Meadowview Dr.
Frederick, MD 21702
Phone: (301) 846-0014
Known for less than a year
Relation: Heís a co-worker as a Teaching Assistant and recently got made my supervisor.
Reference 2:

Robert Preece Burton
Address (work):
Computer Science PO Box 26567
Provo, UT 84602
Office Phone: (801) 378-6467
Relation: Heís been my professor in my Computer Science classes, possibly more than once. He was also my dadís mentor in his post-graduate work. Now he teaches the class Iím assisting for in the labs, too, now, although I donít get to interact with him regularly in doing that.