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Gwynneth eats her mittens.jpg Grandpa.jpg Gwynneth is super-cute.jpg Mom humiliates the baby.jpg
content in carseat.jpg en guarde.jpg Gwynneth half-smiles.jpg the second crying picture is always better.jpg
Sariah and Gwynneth being cute.jpg Gwynneth defends face.jpg Daddy hasn't stopped holding baby yet.jpg crying.jpg
Daddy with baby.jpg Gwynneth looks at camera.jpg Gwynneth dozes.jpg La Tigre.jpg
happies.jpg Gwynneth distracted.jpg not happy.jpg Gwynneth calms down.jpg
car seat.jpg headlights.jpg looking around.jpg Mom still humiliates the baby.jpg
distracted baby.jpg Gwynneth isn't using her face muscles.jpg Gwynneth doesn't like waking up.jpg Random Picture.jpg
Blue Steel.jpg Daddy holding baby still.jpg Gwynneth falls asleep.jpg