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My Photos - Gwynneth in Hong Kong

3-generation picture.jpg Carseat bewildered.jpg Carseat munching on hand.jpg Cousin Ian holds the baby.jpg
Daddy burping the baby.jpg Dance pose 1.jpg Dance pose 2.jpg Dance pose 3.jpg
Dance pose 4.jpg Dancing is hard, time for a snack.jpg Extreme closeup.jpg Grandma gets a smile.jpg
Grandma holding the baby.jpg Grandma looks like she's falling on Gwynneth.jpg Grandma playing with Gwynneth.jpg Grandpa still managing the baby.jpg
Grandpa trying to hold the baby.jpg Grandparents adoring Gwynneth.jpg Grandparents happy when Gwynneth is.jpg Grandparents trying to keep Gwynneth happy.jpg
Gwynneth and grandparents on Christmas.jpg Gwynneth being cute again.jpg Gwynneth being cute with Grandma.jpg Gwynneth calls Ian a newbie.jpg
Gwynneth having fun.jpg Gwynneth just laying there being cute.jpg Gwynneth smiles big for grandma.jpg Ian makes goofy faces at the baby.jpg
Ian teaches the baby immaturity.jpg Ian tries to hold the baby.jpg Playing PSP.jpg Proud grandmother.jpg
Spoiled by Santa.jpg Tummy time is exhausting.jpg holding the baby.jpg