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My Photos - Gwynneth Jan06

Aghast at fan.jpg Sucking on hand.jpg Amy's favorite shot.jpg Talking in jeans.jpg
Angelina Jolie pose.jpg Tasting hand.jpg Being cute in boppie 1.jpg Toys are attacking me.jpg
Being cute in boppie 2.jpg Toys are fun to talk to.jpg Being cute in boppie 3.jpg Toys are grabbable.jpg
Being cute in boppie 4.jpg Toys are scrumptious.jpg Bigger smile on couch.jpg Toys confuse me.jpg
Cabbage Patch Gwynneth.jpg Mouse pad left-handed.jpg Cameras distract me from Toys.jpg Playing with Daddy 1.jpg
Clocking herself in the face.jpg No, I can't stay upright.jpg Cramming the whole thing in.jpg Cute Face 1.jpg
Cute Face 2.jpg Diagonal mouth.jpg Toys disorient me.jpg Everything but the Pinky.jpg
Feasting on hand.jpg Toys fascinate me.jpg Gwynneth computing far.jpg Playing with Daddy 2.jpg
Gwynneth eats Frosty's nose.jpg Looks at Camera.jpg Gwynneth grabs Frosty by the ears.jpg Toys make me cute.jpg
Gwynneth hugs Frosty.jpg Toys make me sad.jpg Gwynneth learns to drive.jpg Toys make me talk.jpg
Gwynneth plays freecell.jpg Mommy and Baby.jpg Hands are like popcorn for fan movies.jpg Playing with Daddy 3.jpg
Helping Daddy play Hearts.jpg Toys pacify me.jpg Jean outfit waving.jpg Watching computer happy.jpg
Jeans, happy face.jpg Wearing the burp cloth.jpg Konked out in bouncer.jpg Who's holding a camera.jpg
Konked out in jeans.jpg Playing with Daddy 4.jpg Laying down and being cute 1.jpg Stretching on couch.jpg
Laying down and being cute 2.jpg Pointing at fan.jpg Laying down and being cute 3.jpg Laying in Boppie.jpg
Woke up on couch.jpg Learning the mouse pad.jpg gap baby.jpg Leopard pillow on couch.jpg
Shaking hands.jpg Lions' Feet - Gwynneth Delicacy.jpg Looking Cool.jpg Looking at daddy.jpg
Looking at fan.jpg Looking away.jpg Sleeping in Crib.jpg Sliding off the couch.jpg
Smiles for camera.jpg Smiling at fan 1.jpg Smiling at fan 2.jpg Sucking her thumb, without the thumb.jpg