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My Photos - Gwynneth

Mother and Daughter.jpg Can't wait to be detached.jpg get me out of here.jpg enjoying a good meal.jpg
New family.jpg Sariah holds the baby.jpg The baby barely cares.jpg Hi, Gwynn.jpg
proud new parents.jpg 7 pounds, 1 ounce.jpg Contraction on the ball.jpg Gwynneth meets Brownie.jpg
grams.jpg daddy waits in anticipation.jpg Matthew chillin.jpg Not a toy.jpg
singing to the baby.jpg brand new baby.jpg even crying babies are cute.jpg are those tears.jpg
Doing that motherly thing.jpg between cries.jpg family meeting.jpg Gwynneth's first raspberry.jpg
Sariah rests between pushes with Brownie.jpg look at daddy, with the camera.jpg On the ball.jpg discovering fingernails.jpg
Ready for a dive.jpg Gwynneth will learn to like Brownie.jpg it ain't easy being born.jpg on display.jpg
Having fun yet.jpg First bath.jpg we just like taking pictures.jpg Maternal bonding.jpg