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My Photos - First Days

different lighting sleeping picture.jpg pumpkin.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 007.jpg hope there are enough sleeping pictures.jpg
wide awake on the changing table.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 006.jpg yet another sleeping picture.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 002.jpg
taking a nap.jpg pumpkin smiles for the camera.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 003.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 004.jpg
Diaper Foot.jpg relaxing.jpg Gwynneth sleeps more, Matthew codes more.jpg there's a hand.jpg
Pee-Poo Trance 009.jpg sleeping some more.jpg hiya.jpg sleeping even more.jpg
more sleeping pictures.jpg there are better things in life.jpg Gwynneth sleeps, Matthew codes.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 010.jpg
a crib or a large baking dish.jpg more pumpkin.jpg Mom's grandchild turns back into a pumpkin.jpg down to 6-11.jpg
Pee-Poo Trance 012.jpg more sleeping.jpg The punkin looks around.jpg en guard.jpg
one more sleeping picture.jpg meet Marci and Jeremy.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 008.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 013.jpg
pucker up.jpg on the bilibed.jpg day2.jpg Pee-Poo Trance 005.jpg
Pee-Poo Trance 011.jpg defending the face.jpg pumpkin tries to walk.jpg more relaxing.jpg
another sleeping picture.jpg daddy is dressed up as a computer nerd.jpg