Basic Animation Lingo
animationSimulation of motion by showing a series of slightly differing frames
frameA single image in an animated sequence of images
spriteA moving graphical object- something that moves basically
flickerA visible delay between frames that makes them seem 'broken up'
lagDiscernable slowing down, usually meaning the amount of time to render a frame is more than the set delay time is
refreshingundrawing and then redrawing
sprite refreshingundrawing a single sprite and then drawing it in it's new position/state.
frame refreshingclearing the entire window and then drawing the new frame
self-refreshing spritessprites that undraw themselves (by redrawing their background) at their old location before drawing themselves at their new location
synchronizeable actionsActions that can be done at the same time
time-killing loopA loop that doesn't do anything in particular and doesn't serve any purpose but to cause a busy delay.
Not a good method for animation!
RunnableAn interface in java that allows the use of threads to process various sequences of events even simultaneously, such as animation and user interaction
TimerA very nice animation tool that generates events at regular intervals. Unfortunately, it wasn't written into older versions of java and standard web browsers don't recognize it.
static animationAnimation that doesn't use sprites, but usually uses a series of frames, whether rendered or static
renderingCreating the animation frame while the program is executing rather than figuring it out ahead of time and just displaying the frames
static framesframes that have been rendered before the program was run and are just being displayed
sprite interactionChecking to see if each and every combination of two sprites in an animation should change because of each other