This is the same applet that REALLY uses javax.swing.Timer- the previous example actually used a Timer substitute that I wrote that does the same things basically. What happens is I get a runtime exception. If you have the java console enabled on your web browser, you can see those exceptions and where they happened. They all basically mean that javax.swing.Timer doesn't exist as far as your browser is concerned. Internet Explorer throws three runtime exceptions, the last of which makes the problem obvious:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.swing.Timer
	at com/ms/vm/loader/URLClassLoader.loadClass
	at java/lang/ClassLoader.loadClassInternal
	at HelloTimer.init
	at com/ms/applet/AppletPanel.securedCall0
	at com/ms/applet/AppletPanel.securedCall
	at com/ms/applet/AppletPanel.processSentEvent
	at com/ms/applet/AppletPanel.processSentEvent
	at com/ms/applet/
	at java/lang/
The reason some of these (everything except the java.lang part) look unfamiliar is because they relate to the Microsoft JVM (Java Virtual Machine), which is a downsized java engine that is used as the default java plugin for Internet Explorer.