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Utopian Calculator (age 12)For calculating your most important province stats in the web-based role playing game, Utopia. Unfortunately, it's well out of date. util
Binary-Decimal ConverterAn applet I wrote as a favor for a friend util, CS142 lab 5(old)
BYU GPA CalculatorA stylish way of figuring out your GPA according to BYU's system util
Temperature converterAnother applet inspired by and only loosely based on a program for the entry-level programming class at BYU, this one converts Celsius to Fahrenheit and back with a graphical thermometer. CS142 lab 3, Animated, util
CS 142 Grade CalculatorA beefed up version of a programming assignment to calculate the student's grade for the class, with a useless random test score feature. CS142 lab 3, util
GIAWAGIAWA Is A Weather Applet - I finished this one the same day as the one above due to having found that the settings on this webserver were changed so it could work. It displays the weather for any zip code. Weather and graphics are borrowed from Accuweather. Animated, util
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These applets were developed by Matthew Reeder. Please get my permission before using these applets on your own site.
(And trust me, it will be easier if I help you use them :-p)